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What would happen if…? | Levitra Guide

What would happen if…?

A woman took Viagra or Levitra? Just out of curiosity after watching a Prostate drug commercial that said “women should not take this medication.”

Chosen Answer:

Who knows, I gave it to my dog one time…Now I have no teddy bears left…=(
on: 26th August 08

14 Responses to “What would happen if…?”

  1. Marcia says:

    lots of sex

  2. ♥BabyGIRL due on Christmas Eve ♥ says:

    Take it and then let us know ;D

  3. The Revenge I says:

    viagra does indeed work on women. it makes them become more “aroused” down there, if ya know what i mean.

  4. BORED says:

    Who knows, I gave it to my dog one time…Now I have no teddy bears left…=(

  5. kels kels says:

    haha maybe ur nipples would always be hard

  6. 6-Gun Annie says:

    Go the the manufacturers website and look up the side effects. Then do a search about accidental ingestion of the drug.

  7. xpsupernoobfestxp says:

    Heard something in the news that said that women taking viagra had less chance of getting some sort of cancer, but cant remember exactly what. Maybe cervical? Anyway i heard it might actually be good for a woman.

  8. stormiRIOT! says:

    Probably killer stomach aches and cramps.

  9. cptmorgan67 says:

    Don’t know but if it got caught in her throat she would probably get a stiff neck.

  10. »-(¯`v´¯)-» §αcяαmєитσ mσm says:

    Despite Pfizers “men first” approach, some doctors have prescribed it for female patients, although the drug is not yet approved by the Food and Drug Administration for such use. “Women respond great to Viagra. They actually do better then men,” says Dr. H.G. Nurnberg, a professor at the University of New Mexico Health Sciences Center

    i looked it up

  11. vh5150 says:

    I actually do work at a hospital

    It is okay for a female to take Viagra or Levitra

    Just be careful
    Swallow it fully
    If not, you could get a stiff neck

    Seriously, if a female took Viagra
    She would lose all sense of logic
    Would not stop for directions, no matter how lost
    And she would let her zipper run her life

  12. IceCube says:

    I’m curious too. Try it and email me.

  13. I ♥ ATL (all time low that is!) says:

    kinda weird, but i have always wondered that! xD

  14. Binmay says:

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